About Ian



  I have been building stringed musical instruments since 2002 when I started working full time for Mark Platin of Wildwood Banjos. In addition to making high-end bluegrass and open back banjos, we also made necks and solid bodies (now a separate company known as Wildwood Mfg.) for electric guitar and bass companies such as Modulus and Sadowsky and parts houses Stewart-MacDonald and Allparts. Being a longtime player of both banjos and electric and acoustic guitars, it didn’t take long for me to begin the quest to create a banjo with a wide tonal range which could be played acoustically or plugged in. I wanted it to draw on the electric guitar’s characteristics of playability and high performance in loud or difficult situations while still retaining the soul of a banjo. 

  As banjo player for the Humboldt Co. based band, The Absynth Quintet, I have been in an ideal position to test and further develop these hybrid electric/acoustic instruments. I have now been performing with them exclusively for the last three years and really having a lot of fun.

  I love working with fine, exotic tonewoods, however I am equally inspired by the use of local, salvaged and sustainable woods.  While heavily influenced by traditional instrument design, I strive to integrate new ideas and my own imagination to help any player realize new possibilities in their musicianship.

  Whether you’re looking for an electric banjo, guitar or travel instrument, I’d be happy to work with you to create your ultimate musical tool.


Thanks for stopping by,

Ian Davidson